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West Lake Hills Roofers

West Lake Hills - Roofing Expertise for Commercial and Residential Properties

If you have a roof in need of professional help in the greater West Lake Hills area, we are the roofing company for you! With decades of West Lake Hills roofing and construction experience under our belts, we're fully capable of all types of roofing jobs - large or small, commercial or residential. Our roof installation and repair services span a vast array of projects including:

  • Commercial roofing - Our West Lake Hills roofing company works on everything from new construction, subdivisions, apartment buildings, and condos to commercial and municipal offices, manufacturing and agricultural facilities, churches and shopping malls, and schools.
  • Residential roofing jobs – Do you need a roof installation for a new custom home or remodel? How about a complete replacement roof? From new construction to replacements, renovations, and remodels, our residential roofing team is ready to be of service. Roof repairs – We offer roof repair services for both residential and commercial buildings. From tiny leakage problems to extensive structural damage, our roof repair team can handle the job.
  • Insurance-related roofing - We work with all insurance companies on insurance claims involving roofing. Not only that, we're happy to meet with your assigned adjuster to coordinate the roof repairs and point out any oversights.

West Lake Hills Roofing Professionals – We're on Your Side

Our West Lake Hills roofers are true professionals and dedicated employees - and it shows in their work. Delivering quality is our passion, with an emphasis on performing the job correctly from the beginning. Not sure how to proceed? We'll help you every step of the way from choosing decking options and roofing materials to providing written estimates for your insurance company – and beyond. We perform West Lake Hills roof work to the highest standards, priding ourselves on the roof's integrity and its aesthetic.

Uncovering Roof Damage

Was your roof battered by high winds, hail, or driving rain? Our local roofing inspections team is dedicated to uncovering weather-related damage and helping your insurance adjuster recognize the extent of your loss. Roof inspections require specific skills and a willingness to go out on the roof. If the insurance company's adjuster simply peered at your rooftop without venturing on to it for a thorough roof inspection, your final settlement could be inadequate. Call us for a roof inspection that involves going onto the roof and documenting all discovered damage. Our inspectors are equipped with the tools, safety gear, and know-how required to safely inspect even the steepest of roofs. If you have storm damage, let us to take a look at your roof damage before contacting your insurance agent. We can provide you with the documentation you need to support your claim. We're also willing to help insurance adjusters during their scheduled visits.

Additional Roofing Services in West Lake Hills

If you'd like to fill your home with sunshine, have us install a sun tunnel or skylight. We are also experts at whole house ventilation and rain gutter installations.

No matter what your needs may be, for exceptional roofing service in West Lake Hills, TX, contact us.